My friend Autumn is many wonderful things, but most recently, she is a yoga teacher. Last night, she co-lead a group of all-level yogis and come-as-you-are oddballs through 108 Sun Salutations. To benefit B4BC. As a celebration of strength. Just because we could. The "heartbreakthrough" of these past months lead me there. That, and my … Continue reading 108

I Want/What If

I spent most of Tuesday feeling suicidal. Not bottle-of-pills-in-hand, primed-and-ready suicidal; smiling, playing-on-the-rug-with-my-daughter, wishing-for-death suicidal. On Tuesday, if death had come for me, I would've said, "Yes, please. I'm ready." I still got my son off to his first day of fourth grade (and quietly berated myself for not being "the kind of mom" who … Continue reading I Want/What If

Writing From the Bandage, Putting the “Cover” in Recovery

I started writing about eating disorder recovery—one type of eating disorder recovery, to be specific—because I wanted to start writing again. I thought that giving myself a topic would focus the desire to string words together, to just write and write and write and see what the story turned out to be. What I didn't … Continue reading Writing From the Bandage, Putting the “Cover” in Recovery